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Swami Sanand (Formerly Dr. GD Agrawal) Has been arrested

Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand has been arrested by Haridwar Administrators and Police while he was going to collect the Sample of Some tributaries of River Alaknanda, and to observe the situation of River Ganga Ji. on 28th may Swami Sanand in the early morning departed to Srinagar from Matrisadan of Haridwar, where he has been arrested by Police near Harki Paudi Haridwar and taken to Roorkee and later on to AIIMS, New Delhi.
 In the next day he again went to Srinagar and in the evening of 1st June again ha has been arrested by the Police and dumped in AIIMS
AMAR UJALA, 2 JUNE, 2012, Dehradoon Edition

Dainik Jagran, 2 June,2012, Dehradoon Edition

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Citizens for Green Doon, Members visited Matrisadan and given their support to Dr. Agrawal

Citizens for Green Doon, Members with Dr. GD Agrawal


Prof. G D Agrawal, Resumed his Fast unto Death from 20 July 2010

Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand and Swami Ramdev Offer Support to Dr. G.D. Agrawal

Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand of Dwarkapeeth sent his personal emissary Swami Dharanand to convey his support to Dr. G.D. Agrawal whose third fast-unto-death to ensure the natural flow in river Bhagirathi (Ganga) from Gangotri to Uttarkashi entered its second day. Yesterday Swami Ramdev spent an hour in the evening with Dr. Agrawal and offered his full support.

In a letter to Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde, Union Minister for Power, Dr. Agrawal said that he had discontinued his last fast on February 19, 2009 after receiving an assurance from the Ministry that work on the Loharinag-Pala barrage would be suspended. Yet the government had decided to resume construction of the project without consulting him at any point in the past 17 months. “I am deeply hurt by this secretive and mischievous attitude of your Ministry,” wrote Dr. Agrawal.

An Action Committee of Dr. Agrawal’s supporters in New Delhi has received messages from Ganga devotees preparing to organize fasts and satyagrahas in different parts of India to lend support to Dr. Agrawal. “We are meeting on Saturday, July 24th in New Delhi to organize action in support of Dr. Agrawal,” said Ms. Madhu Kishwar of Manushi.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Haaye Ram Teri Ganga Bahut Maili

Haaye Ram Teri Ganga Bahut Maili
“Over 14 million liters of raw sewage with floating fecal matter flow into the Ganga every day at Haridwar from just two drains,” said Dr. Anil Gautam, Head, Environmental Quality Monitoring Group at People’s Science Institute (PSI) in Dehra Doon. Dr. Gautam was releasing the results of a survey undertaken by his team in Haridwar last month. (See attached data sheet.) These drains are at Lalta Rao bridge (S-3 in the map) and at Jwalapur (S-5).
It may be recalled that in response to a question in the Vidhan Sabha last month, Shri B.S. Chufal, Uttarakhand’s Minister for Environment emphatically declared that no sewage flows directly into the Ganga at any point.
According to Shri R.K. Joshi of the Ganga Pollution Control Unit in Haridwar six major drains and over a dozen small ones empty straight into the River Ganga at Haridwar. PSI’s team measured the effluents quality at nine outfalls (marked S-1 to S-9 on the map). “These drains carry about 20 tons of organic matter, almost 37.5 tons of suspended solids and about 24,000 trillion fecal coliform into the river every day and pollute it,” says Dr. Gautam. “It is amazing that the quality of effluents coming out of the Sewage Treatment Plant at Jagjeetpur (S-9) is almost the same as that of the untreated effluents flowing into the Ganga from the other drains,” he added.
Drain S-1, upstream of Har-ki-Pauri, releases about 2.4 million liters per day (MLD) into the Ganga. These effluents contain 31.3 million fecal coliform per 100 ml. and a BOD content of 140 mg/liter. This is a serious health hazard for millions of devotees who bathe at the Ghats and perform other rituals. The situation is critical since over 50 million devotees are expected to visit Haridwar during the Maha Kumbh next year to bathe in the river. It is still not clear if any of the Rs.400 crores special grant from the Central Government will be spent on ensuring that the river is pollution free during the mela.
Everyday the nine drains studied release over 80 million liters of wastewater into the river. The fecal coliform count in these drains ranges from 11.79 to 51.79 million/100ml. and the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) varies between 80 to 465 mg/l. The BOD values obtained from all the sites are much higher than the standard limit of 30 mg/l set by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for treated waste water. The BOD value of the treated wastewater released into the Ganga from the sewage treatment plant at Jagjeetpur, set up under the Ganga Action Plan, is 180 mg/l, six times higher than CPCB’s standard limit.
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For further information please contact: Dr. Anil Gautam, 9412176896 (M)
Mr. Pavitra Singh, 9410706109 (M)

Water Quality of sewer drains joining the River Ganga at Haridwar

Site Code



BOD (mg/l)

COD (mg/l)

TSS (mg/l)

FC,(million/100 ml)

Daily discharge (MLD)


Sewer drain before fall out into the Ganga Canal d/s of LokNath Ghat







Laltarao bridge Nala fall out into Ganga d/s Gujrala Bhawan







Sewer drain fall out into Lalatarao bridge Nala come from Vishnu Bhawan side







Kassaban Nala, Jwalapur *







Sewer drain at Jwalapur *







BHEL Nala at Jwalapur *







Ranipur drain d/s Sanskrit Bhawan ,Ranipur mod







Jagjeetpur Nala near Matri Sadan fall out into Ganga river






Jagjeetpur STP final out let before confluence with the River Ganga





18 (as per STP capacity)

Abbreviations: BOD-Biological Oxygen Demand, COD-Chemical Oxygen Demand, TSS-Total Suspended Solids, FC-Fecal Coliform, MLD- million liter per day

* Drainages are falling into upper Ganga Canal

source: Peoples' Science Institute, 252/I Vasant Vihar, Dehra Doon 248006, Uttarakhand. INDIA
phone: +91 135 2773849; 2763649, fax: +91 135 2763186, 2762516,,

Monday, August 3, 2009


Dr.G.D. Agrawal to Resume Fast-Unto-Death
Blames Governmental Deception 
You will recall that Dr. Agrawal called off his first fast on the 18th day, June 30, 2008 after the Government of Uttarakhand promised in writing to suspend work on the Bhairon Ghati (380 MW) and Pala-Maneri (480 MW) hydropower projects (HPPs) on the Bhagirathi river (See map in attachment “Saving River Ganga”) and the Government of India gave a written commitment “to ensure perennial environmental flows in all stretches of River Bhagirathi and to keep it alive.” Charging the Government of India with reneging on this solemn commitment Dr Agrawal resumed his fast-unto-death a second time on January 14, 2009. He broke this fast on the 38th day, February 20, 2008 when the GoI gave a written commitment to suspend all work on the Loharinag-Pala HPP with immediate effect.
Unfortunately, however, work on the Loharinag-Pala HPP, has been continuing in full swing in the last few months.  This is despite a judgement passed by the Nainital High Court on May 18, 2009 vacating an earlier stay on the GOI’s order of Feb 19th to stop work on the dam.  The Court’s suggestion that the GoI appoint a Committee of Experts within one month to review the issue of construction of dams on the Bhagirathi river and make its recommendations to the newly formed Ganga River Basin Authority in another two months has been totally ignored.  No Committee has been formed till now. The Government of Uttarakhand, on the other hand, has begun work on constructing a road for the Pala-Maneri dam.  Officials of the state run Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited (UJVNL) have recently claimed to have received a green signal from the Centre to go ahead with the construction of its two suspended dams.
It is a fairly common tactic of governments, to make reassuring promises to protesters in order to get them to give up their protests.  But as the media attention dissipates and the protests fade from public memory, they go back on their word. A similar breach of trust has compelled Dr. G.D. Agrawal to consider a fast-unto-death again to ensure that the river Bhagirathi flows in its natural form between Gangotri and Uttarkashi.   
The state and central governments are trying to tire out Dr. Agrawal and us, his supporters.  They intend to wear us out and build the dams.  If we are serious about ensuring that the Ganga flows in its natural form, in the only stretch that is still pristine, then we will have to show that our opposition to the proposed dams is untiring.  We do not oppose all hydropower projects.  But we do believe that hydropower generation must only be done in a manner that is safe and sustainable for society and the environment (See “Saving River Ganga”).  

Mail from Sr. Ravi Chopra, Peoples' Science Institute

Dear All:
I am writing to inform you of Dr. G.D. Agrawal’s recent decision to sit on a fast-unto-death for a third time within 15 months to ensure that the river Bhagirathi is allowed to flow in its natural form between Gangotri and Uttarkashi. (See attachment 1 for an update) 
I am sure that you are keen to save the Ganga and Dr. Agrawal’s life. Sometimes we lose heart even before we begin the fight, thinking that we cannot make an impact. But look at what GD’s fasts and our efforts have forced the governments to do so far:
• The GoI has notified Ganga as India’s National River. We should now demand that its pristine Gaumukh-Gangotri-Uttarkashi stretch be declared as a Protected Zone where the river flows in its natural form.  This is similar to the concept of declaring all the tiger (India’s National Animal) habitats as Protected Areas (National Parks or Sanctuaries). Killing or mutilating tigers is a punishable offence. Similarly, disturbing the pristine character of the Bhagirathi should also be a punishable offence.
• The GoI has accepted the concept of releasing environmental flows downstream of dams on the Bhagirathi to sustain its ecology and societal needs.  This can be a major precedent for all Indian rivers.  
• In a letter to Dr. Agrawal dated February 5, 2009 the Union Ministry of Power wrote, “The Govt of India confirmed that no further hydro projects shall be undertaken on river Bhagirathi.” (This statement, however, is ambiguous. It is not clear whether it also includes the still to be built/completed Bhairon Ghati, Loharinag-Pala and Pala-Maneri projects).
• Even as I write to you talks are going on at the highest level to get Dr. Agrawal to call off the fast.
It is clear, therefore, that we can make our protests count!
I urge you to express your support for them as strongly as you can.  You can do the following activities:      
• Forward this email and the attachments to as many people as possible and raise awareness on this issue.
• We have attached a list of addresses of prominent persons to whom you could write a letter and demand some action to be taken
  on this issue.(See attachment 3). You may excerpt material from the attachment 1 and 2
• Certainly send such mails to MPs and the newsmedia.  
• Organize at least a symbolic fast in support of GD, even if it is for a day, in your area and involve as many people as possible.
  Don’t forget to inform the media. We must let the governments know that there is widespread support for the Ganga and Dr. Agrawal’s protest.  
• Write to Dr. Agrawal personally in a show of support or meet him if you can.
• If you do any of the above, please keep us informed.
Ravi Chopra
Peoples' Science Institute
252/I Vasant Vihar, Dehra Doon 248006
Uttarakhand. INDIA

phone: +91 135 2773849; 2763649
fax: +91 135 2763186, 2762516

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Press Release, 7 July 2009

07 July, 2009
Press Release
  1. The state government of Uttarakhand promised immediate suspension of all works on the two projects Bhairoghati and Pala-Maneri in its letter of 19thJune, 2008 and expressed its full commitment for conservation of River Bhagirathi in its natural form ‘from Gangotri to Uttarakashi’. However construction work on the projects (particularly on Pala Maneri project) leading to destroy Gangaji is going on in full swing. The above makes all assurances to us and to Maa Gangaji look as mere jokes.

  1. The Government of India committed immediate stoppage of all work on its project Loharinag-Pala in its letter on 19th February, 2009. But the construction work on the site has gone on un-stopped and on an accelerated speed. This again is an act of cruel deceipt.

  1. The Prime Minister ‘s office emphasized in its press release on 4th November,2008, that Ganga ji has a special place in the hearts and minds of all Indians and that the emotional link needs to be recognized and took initiative to notify Gangaji as the National River of India. Earlier to this, the prime minister expressed in presence of Param Pujniya Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swaroopa Nand ji that he regards Ganga ji as his mother and later stated toParam Pujniya Swami Tejomayanand ji that Ganga ji is the soul of India and assured his full commitment to conserve Ganga ji. But government system is showed the same disregard and totally ignored the holy emotions of the Prime minister as it had earlier done with emotions, plans and orders of Late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi. It is interesting to note that no official ever gets punished for this type of serious offense in the government system. How the super powerful the bureaeratic structure is!

  1. The order of Nani Tal High Court on 18th May,2009 gave clear directions to the Secretary in Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of India in his capacity of Ex-Officio Member Secretary of National River Ganga Authority to either take a clear decision on the construction work of Lohari Nag Pala Project going on or to constitute an Expert Committee to advise on this matter within four weeks ( till 15th June ,2009) . But government machinery operates only under pressure of group interests, which this dose can not entail. What can the High Court or Gnagaji do? Why should they worry?

  1. I have been trying for the last four weeks to be able to communicate my message and the situation over Gangaji to the Prime Minister. I did receive on several times sympathy and assurances but finally with no success even in these efforts to communicate. Finding this environment full of false hoods, deceipts and controlled by petty materialistic vested interests, having no place for emotional cultural bonds and thus foreing one to mutely, watch the destruction of our national cultural identity that Gangaji is, to be totally unbearable, I have decided to resume my "Indefinite Fast Unto-Death" from Aug 5, 2009.
    (Dr. G. D. Agrawal)
    For Further information please contact-
    Dr. Anil gautam-9412176896,
    Pavitra Singh- 9410706109

Dr. G. D. Agrawal Scientist and Rishi

Dr. G. D. Agrawal Scientist and Rishi

Meeting Dr. G. D. Agrawal in his spartan, two room cottage in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, you would never guess what an accomplished and distinguished scientist he is – first Member-Secretary of the Government of India’s Central Pollution Control Board, former Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at IIT Kanpur and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. The list goes on and on.

Yet this eminent professional sweeps his own floors, washes his own clothes and cooks his own meals. He retains only a few possessions and dresses in homespun khadi. At the age of 76, his main mode of transport within Chitrakoot is a bicycle and when he travels further afield, he goes by ordinary bus and second-class train. These are the deliberate choices of a devout Hindu whose deepest values are for simplicity and reverence for nature. Dr G.D. Agrawal is the doyen of environmental engineering professionals in India. Well past retirement, he continues to teach and inspire students as an Honorary Professor of Environmental Sciences at the Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya, in Chitrakoot (M.P.).

Dr Agrawal is a much sought-after EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) consultant and a Director of Envirotech Instruments (P) Limited, New Delhi – a company that he established with some of his former students from IIT-Kanpur. He is an engineer’s engineer, the person senior professionals turn to for solutions to difficult technical problems. At CPCB he was instrumental in shaping India’s pollution control regulatory structure. He has been a member of various official committees for policy-making and administrative mechanisms to improve India’s environmental quality.

Dr Agrawal is a legendary and inspiring teacher whose students remember him with awe, admiration and affection. In 2002, his former students at IIT-Kanpur conferred on him the Best Teacher Award. He has guided scores of Masters and Doctoral students who are now leaders in the field of environmental engineering and science. Among his more prominent students was the late Anil Agrawal, the trail-blazing founder of the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi.

Dr Agrawal has been deeply committed to supporting rural development initiatives grounded in scientific methodology. Among others, he has helped mentor well-known development activists like Dunu Roy (IIT-Bombay,’67) of The Hazards Centre, New Delhi, Dr Ravi Chopra (IIT-Bombay,’68) of People’s Science Institute, Dehra Doon and Rajendra Singh, a Magsaysay awardee and founder of Tarun Bharat Sangh.

Born in a farming family in Kandhla (Muzaffarnagar district, U.P.) in 1932, he did his schooling locally and graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Roorkee (now IIT-Roorkee).

He started his career as a Design Engineer in the Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh and later obtained a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. He has dozens of scientific publications to his credit. Dr Agrawal is both deeply religious and rigorously scientific.

His passionate devotion to the River Ganga comes from his strong Hindu faith; his conviction that we are staring at an unprecedented ecological and cultural catastrophe comes from his powerfully logical mind. As a citizen and a patriot, he has made it his life’s mission to recall India to its glorious traditional reverence for nature and to share that wisdom with the “developed” world. His sense of his duty allows him to do no less.